The process of creating Dabu is named as ‘Dabanna’ which implies press.’Daboo’ or ‘Dabu’ (Mud Resist Printing),is AN ancient Rajasthani printing technique that involves scrupulous attention to detail across the numerous stages of creating a piece of music of breathless written materials.

The technique dates back to 675 AD and is believed to be from China.No one is aware of however it traveled from China to Rajasthan.This handblock printing bloomed there and currently Rajasthan is that the highest producer of hand block block written materials.Akola Village, Rajasthan is wherever Dabu print started blooming.

Pre -Independence,Rajasthan had an oversized range of artisans engaged in Dabu handblock printing, however lately it’s tough to hold on this ancient handblock printing attributable to power looms and different These days younger generation is reluctant to decide on this as a career as a result of Dabu printing may be a scrupulous and a labour intensive method.There square measure several stages within the hand block printing like,the fabric is initial received from the mills and washed to remove surface impurities.

The blocks square measure then swaybackedin natural dyes and meticulously hand written on a visible cloth.These vegetable dyes square measure dotty skin.This step is followed by creating a mud resist mixture that is created with gum, lime and white chaff.This mixture is applied to the material and is then dried.when drying,the fabric is swayback in dye, followed by a wash to get rid of excess dye and paste.

The handblock patterns square measure galvanized by motifs that square measure galvanized from nature, and any made on picket blocks.well-liked ways of Dabu printing square measure Kahma, Kantedar, Lal titri and Dholika.You can realize Dabu print is hand blocked on varied like sarees, suits and kurtas.lately Dabu isn’t restricted to only attire,Now Dabu may be a well-liked class in home decoration things too.

As way as care of this cloth thinks about,it has this cloth has minor hemorrhage properties.This should be hand washed on an individual basis in cold water.Dabu materials ought to be dried in sun as drying them in hot sun will cause weakening of colors.