The Art of Passion : Handblock Printed Ajrakh Sarees

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Ajrakh Sarees do not need an introduction these days.They are popular among all strata of society.Ajrakh Sarees were heart of Sindh, Now in Pakistan.

The Ajrakh handicraft has been practicing mainly in the Khatri community ,Khatri community had migrated from Sindh to Kutch somewhere in 16th century.They were the ones who got art of adding shine or glitter on to the fabric.The art of weaving Great women leaders like Indira Gandhi and Benazir Bhutto were seen wearing Ajrakh Sarees

Ajrakh handblock printing is done on Cotton,Modal ,Mashru and Modal silk. Ajrakh sarees comes in lovely geometric patterns, symbolising Mughal architecture ii their designs.

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